real estate agent showing new house to coupleM.D Rawls Home Group will provide you with a Competitive Market Analysis also known as a CMA that will give you the current market value that your home is worth based on what other homes in your area has sold for recently. Once we do the CMA and sellers net report, we come out and do a detailed analysis of your house based on any upgrades you may have done. Then, we will get your home professional pictures taken to list on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as well as over 350 websites! We will also keep you posted weekly on all activities and do open houses at least once a month.

We can list your home/property on MLS for one month’s rent. This includes RentSpree. With RentSpree, you get a completed rental application, credit report, background check, and eviction history in just one step! Some property management may be available for a 10% per month fee. Ask for more details.

When you list your home/property with us, you get:
100 Just listed post cards mailed. 300 color post cards mailed to local renters. Free Facebook Property boost ads for every listing and open house.
We also have a bridge loan program. This allows you to get an advanced loan on your future sale so that you can move NOW while we sell your home.
In the unlikely event your home does not sell in your desired time frame, we will buy it ourselves. Watch this short video for more info.

Seller Solution Quick Guide

Open Market Sale
Selling on the open market exposes the property to the greatest number of buyers, often resulting in the highest sale price and net proceeds to the seller. Every home is also eligible for sale on the open market. Open market sellers should expect some uncertainty about the amount of time necessary to complete the sale. In addition, the process of preparing the home for open houses and showings (in-person or virtual) should be taken into account. Properties listed for sale on the open market are still eligible to receive cash offers.

Bridge Solution
Bridge programs enable a homeowner to buy their next house before selling and moving out of their current home. This enables sellers to find a new home, then move when they are ready. Some bridge programs allow sellers to access the equity of their current home while still living in it. Bridge program service fees should be taken into account, and not all properties and sellers are eligible.

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Instant Sale
iBuyers usually purchase properties that are in good condition at close to the open market price, with cash. Their service fees and prep and repairs costs should be taken into account. Closing costs are comparable to an open market sale. iBuyers enable selling without showings or open houses. And, iBuyers can close on the seller’s timetable, often more quickly than selling on the open market.

Instant Sale – Any Condition
Any Condition iBuyers are a great resource for sellers who want the convenience and certainty of a cash offer, but whose property might need additional renovations. Any Condition iBuyers purchase properties “as-is,” so all Prep and Repairs expenses are factored into their offer amounts. These buyers specialize in renovations, so they can usually make repairs more cost effectively than the seller, and they pass along those savings to the seller. Therefore, although Any Condition iBuyer offer amounts may be lower than other options, the seller’s net proceeds may be higher. Any Condition iBuyers can complete the entire process, from offer request to close, in just a few days.

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